Saturday, November 1, 2008

Versitile Little Flower

WW Yarn
G hook
Yarn needle

Stitches used:
ch- chain
hdc- Half double crochet
sl st-slip stitch
dc- double crochet
FL-front loop
BL- back loop

Ch 4. join w/ sl st to form a ring. Ch 2
Rnd 1:
12 dc in ring, sl st to 1st dc to join.

Rnd 2:
In FL skip the stitch that you sl st'ed in and (3 hdc in next FL. Sl st in next FL) aound. (6 petals)DO NOT JOIN.

Rnd 3: In BL dc 6 times, sl in next BL and ch 2. (5 dc in next BL sl st in next BL and ch 2) around. ending with sl st in last BL.(6 petals).

Rnd 4:For applique end off. weave in ends. For pendant draw up a big loop then end off. weave in ends.DO NOT FINISH OFF FOR NECKLACE, BRACELET OR HEADPEICE. Ch 50 (longer or shorter as needed for necklace,bracelet,or head peice)then end off

Rnd 5: Attach yarn with a sl st directly across on other side between petals and ch 50 (or same amount you did as other side) end off. weave in all ends.


Margee' said...

Been looking for patterns for crochet flowers.

Shelly said...

This looks lovely and simple. Thanks for sharing. Michelle Ward

angelednightmare said...

rftttttttttttteI loved this pattern, simple and easy, one thing i think you should mention though is when your instructin on how to do the second set of petals is that when you say back loop you mean the loop behing the origional petals, this took me a little bit to realize.